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Floor Art is glad to provide the best quality and most cutting edge styles in hardwood floors to the St.Joseph, Stevensville, Benton Harbor, MI area. For everything from enlivening domestic and rich exotic options, to ecologically sound merchandise like bamboo and cork, Floor Art is your one-stop shop for all of your hardwood flooring product needs. Choosing the perfect floor can be entirely essential to the look and feel of your décor. Contrasting woods and finishes have the capacity to bring completely varied looks within the same home. Hardwood offers more choices to be personalized that most homeowners know, while still maintaining all the benefits for which it is so widely known. In fact, for many, those very options are part of the benefit and appeal. You’ll be able to choose a look that works best for you. Everyone knows that hardwood floors have one of the longest lifespans on the flooring market today. We know as well as anyone that actualizing the right look for your room is of utmost importance, but sometimes there are other aspects you want to acknowledge when picking what materials to use. Because of this, Floor Art is proud to sell environmentally safe hardwood substitutes, like cork and bamboo. Neither of these materials are amassed by destroying trees, since bamboo is a grass that grows back swiftly when it’s cut, and cork is bark cultivated from the top layer of a surviving tree. Either option gives your floors the unique appearance of hardwood in an Earth friendly manner. ​ With any type of hardwood you pick, Floor Art is the store to find it. Helping customers and providing quality products is what we are known for. If you live in St.Joseph, Stevensville, Benton Harbor, MI you should stop into Floor Art today!

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