Glass tile in Benton Harbor

For any style, modern or classic, glass tile can be a great alternative to more traditional materials to create a look that is unique to your home. With a wide variety of glass tile to offer St.Joseph, Stevensville, & Benton Harbor, MI, Floor Art is here to find the perfect flooring or wall material to help your home reach its full potential. Glass tiles are suitable for both indoor and outdoor areas, able to withstand frost, sunlight, and water wear while requiring little maintenance. Your new tiles will never discolor and will last for years with proper care, and can be cut to fit any space of any size or shape.  Glass can come in an array of colors or patterns, can be opaque or translucent, and can be mixed with other materials such as ceramic or stone to create a new set of potential looks. Glass can be used to create a stunning mosaic on a bathroom or patio wall, or brighten up a gloomy space with stained glass colors to filter natural or artificial light. Garden walls, pools, spas and waterfalls can also benefit from the addition of glass tiles, as colors will shine vibrantly even underwater or between plants and rock arrangements. Best of all, these tiles are hand crafted, making tiles that appear to be uniform as unique as one's fingerprints. Beautiful, sturdy and easy to care for, breathing new life into your home or outdoor space couldn't be simpler. With all of the services, products and accessories needed for your new floor or wall designs, all of your glass tile needs can be fulfilled at Floor Art.


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