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Floor Art proudly provides the highest quality laminate floors in St.Joseph, Stevensville, & Benton Harbor, MI. When laminate flooring is made, a texture layer is laid on top of a core layer of fiber and then covered with a melamine resin that gives it strength. This pattern layer can be a reproduction of whatever you choose, and modern improvements in the printing business have made the selection available in laminate flooring much easier. There are presently choices that can stand in for stone and wood floors with exciting authenticity, including textured looks and beveled edges that contribute a surprising realism to the floor's appearance. If you've fantasized about the breathtaking statement of marble, the unexpected look of limestone, or the majestic style of hardwood but without the cost and upkeep called for with nature-made merchandise, laminate flooring could be the perfect fit for your space. Laminate flooring is one of the least expensive flooring types that can be adapted for your home. Often less than the price of equally durable hardwood, and a far smaller fraction of the price of nature-made stone tile, it's a sensational choice for someone on a limited financial plan. Laminate is also less difficult to clean than nature-made stone and hardwood. Whereas stone and hardwood will need to be refinished when the protective layer wears away, as it will with regular use, laminate floors never require that much effort. If you keep the top layer of your floors clear of food and rough particles, then they should retain their beauty for many years. Nevertheless, if anything should occur and your laminate floors end up impaired or warped, the answer is simple. One board can be pulled up and replaced, and though it may seem disparate for a short time, with continued use and regular cleaning it will soon match the rest. Laminate is also more stain resistant than wood or tile. ​ For the look and impression of hardwood or the gorgeous quality of stone tile without the maintenance and price, find the perfect fit in laminate flooring.


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